Vaccines are one of our most effective health mediations. A human body is protected from infectious disease by immune system. When the pathogens or disease-causing germs enter the body, if our immune system is not so quick or not enough strong to prevent pathogens, then we get ill. Vaccines are used to stop this from happening. Vaccine plays an important role or critical role in controlling the exposure of a pathogen, strengthening the immune system so it can fight that disease quickly and effectively in future. Vaccines can help us to control pandemics or epidemics. Today, population is increasing at very rapid rate day by day and cities are becoming denser pollution wise, increased international travel, migration and ecological change these all factors leads to emerging of infectious disease such as corona virus to spread and cause devastation is increasing. Vaccines can play a huge role in managing this threat but only if we have vaccines for diseases when they appear or before pandemic. During this tough time, We, at Shabbad NGO, have partnered with state government and organized free vaccination camps for under-privileged people who were deprived of resources and difficult to access. We supported in building nation stronger by providing immunity to over 3400 . no. of rural people coming from JJ Cluster of Gurugram Haryana . We also educated these people about the importance of vaccination and how they can practise social distancing in their day-to-day life.


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