Message from Co – founder

This is my humble beginning to social entrepreneurship and giving back to society . It all started with a field trip. A field trip, organized by the company I was interning for, where we went to a civil hospital (Government Funded state hospital ) during the pandemic (given that the situation at the time was “under control”). The situation inside can be described as dire: corridors lined up with people, rooms filled to the brim with patients, not enough space for social distancing, and the building looked overwhelmed. Such a sight only brought forth an emotion of humbling despair. I live so comfortably in my world not realizing how terrible the situation had gotten. It was an eye-opening experience that made me realize that I was hardly pulling my share to the society, which is why the initiative of shabbad was found, an organization to start with would impact a few, but focus on them completely and help – think rem- in the best way we can. We pool our resources and experience to make a difference in the lives of those in need of help to reach their potential.

The initiative aims to helps those thrive in even when life dealt them unfavorable conditions, to enable them and provide them with a helping hand. Why the Name Shabad?-It means a word in Hindi. My grandparents always talked about the significance of word, having someone’s word meant nothing but trust – no bonds signed – they would trust on someone’s word without any legal, written contracts signed and they held it with high regard. As do all things start in life with one-word, shared stands with the hope that the organization that someone needs to be with them, support them, provide them a helping hand and care. The end goal is to help them stand on their own feet. There is so much work to Do, but we always have to start somewhere which is why owe started with the most time sensitive issues in society. The issue of health and education Our goal is to provide education to those who vision its significance and mentor those chose to use other avenues. For health we chose to focus on the Hriday ( heart in Hindi) and help those in need as health care can be quite expensive and the hospital visit opened my eyes on the situation on ground. Happy Healthy Heart is education initiative under the Same , where we provided basic tips on how to take care of your heart in various platforms . A significant hurdle in early phase of vaccination was to convince the daily wagers to take vaccination however for them economic impact of missing a day at work was more important so we facilitated with help of Medical Officers from Government camps near to JJ Clusters , provided them free transportations pre-registration and flexible time to ensure they completed their vaccination . This included complete team efforts of other social organizations , Volunteers and Health Workers to conduct these vaccination camps.