When there is major imbalance in any field then there NGO’s exists to balance the see saw of the system. NGO’s like Shabbad play a small role in ensuring that every child especially the needy people to receive the opportunity to build a better future through education. There are number of NGO’s are working like shabbad etc. in India which work at ground level to strengthen the education system of our country, spreading the awareness about the importance of education and help as many as children so they get education and become able to build a better future through education. Shabbad is an NGO that started working in 2021 recently . Thus, NGO aims at supporting vulnerable

and impoverished sector children in nearby circles back to school and empower them to break the circle of the poverty. NGO’s works through contribution and you too can support an NGO by donating them which is used to change a children’s life forever. When you donate to an NGO like Shabbad, you help in the number of ways. WE support Home schooling of children with Open Schools Admission , Financial support in case they are enrolled with school but not able to continue because of the financial situations , Personal Coaching with study material and resources to high class students .

Happy Healthy Hearts

We support basic treatment expense to those who are not covered under any Government scheme and also educate them to enroll under PM Health schemes like Ayush Man Bharat . We conduct regular education Camps on do’s and don’ts of heart care .


Vaccines are one of our most effective health mediations. A human body is protected from infectious disease by immune system. When the pathogens or disease-causing germs enter the body, if our immune system is not so quick or not enough strong to prevent pathogens, then we get ill.


NGO’s helps in finding the most vulnerable and impoverished children in the poorest states of India. Due to lack of resources and poverty so many children miss out on school.